Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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Distiller Wanted: New Orleans

Celebration Distillation, the makers of Old New Orleans Rum, is looking for a new distiller. Parker Shonekas sent me the job description this morning. As usual, when I note distillery job openings, I have nothing to do with the company (other than, in this instance, a deep appreciation for the Cajun spiced rum and admiration for [edit: former*] head distiller Chris Sule). Just passing on information, so it's no use asking me questions about the position or applying for it by sending me your resume. For that, you've got to get in touch with Parker Schonekas ( 

If I lived in New Orleans, you can be damn sure I wouldn't be posting this. I'd be at the distillery this very minute.

Barrels o' rum at Celebration Distillation
 Production Team: Distiller

Celebration Distillation, the makers of Old New Orleans Rum, is seeking a motivated and hard working individual to work with our Production Team and to train to become an Old New Orleans Rum Distiller. We are the oldest premium rum distillery in the United States, and we produce three distinct and delicious rums - Old New Orleans Rum - Crystal; Amber; Cajun Spice.

Job Description:
  • Work in the production of Rum and other products
  • Run Stills
  • Perform fermentations, filtrations, and final blends
  • Upkeep and Maintain Equipment
  • Keep facility and workspace clean
  • Assist in the analysis of process and equipment efficiencies
  • Assist in the analysis and installation of upcoming expansions
  • Occasionally work events or parties hosted at the distillery
  • Work Flexible Hours
  • Time Expectations: Minimum of 40 hours per week
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Any knowledge or experience in alcohol production or food production is preferred
  • Any technical experience in pipe fitting, welding, process engineering, chemical or mechanical
    knowledge is preferred.
  • 21 Years of Age and Over 
*My thanks to Todd Price who clued me in that, as of two days ago, Chris is now working at NOLA Brewing. A quick phone call to Celebration confirmed it. Good luck brewing them beers, Chris.


    Tiare said...

    Wow what a job...i say like you said...

    Todd Price said...

    Interesting. I saw that Chris has gone back to brewing beer at NOLA, which reunites him with his old Dixie cohort Peter Caddo.

    Anonymous said...

    i'm a home distiller with 5 years experience and i spent a week working with the guys at dry fly. i also grew up in Boutte, Louisiana. what are the benefits, and where do i sign?
    Love your book also :-)

    Matthew Rowley said...

    Tiare ~ Race you to it!

    Todd ~ You are absolutely correct. Chris is no longer with Celebration, but has moved on to go back to his roots as a brewer with NOLA Brewing. That was just announced two days ago and I missed it.

    Anonymous ~ This is what I meant by "it's no use asking me questions about the position." I wish I had the inside story to everything the position entailed, but if you're thinking about I moved back to Louisiana, you might want to you in touch with Parker at the e-mail address above.

    And thanks for the kind words about the book. I was talking to a distiller a few months ago about something else entirely when he stopped me to tell me that he thought of the book as a "handrail in the dark” for making distilling seem like something that was even a possibility. It's humbling, even several years on, that people who presumably know what they're talking about still like that book. Cheers!

    Parker S. said...

    Sorry for the confusion, Matt. We had been advertising this position locally for the last 1.5 weeks and Chris left us on Tuesday. Thanks for posting this. All aplicants are welcome. Contact:

    Anonymous said...

    interesting that this was posted before the actual date Chris left. Hmmmmmm

    Anonymous said...

    also wondering if you have found anyone close to replacing Chris. He is the best distiller there is and ONOR will NEVER be the same. How's the rum taste now?