Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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America's New Distilleries

In a mere two weeks, I'll be back in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail. On Friday, July 22, Max Watman and I will be giving the talk about the burgeoning trade in spirits from new domestic distilleries. It's no surprise to drinkers that there are a lot more distilleries than there were just a few short years ago.  But just how many more, where are they, and what are they making?

Max and I will be tackling these questions and more — all the while sampling with our audience a range of whiskeys, Pacific Northwest gin, aged peach brandy, cordials, and some enhooched cherries that might just backhand you right off the front porch.

Unfortunately, if you don't already have a ticket, you're out of luck. The event has been sold out since last month. Not to fret, however. Once we're done with New Orleans, and I have recovered from Tales, I'll post some of those findings right here on the Whiskey Forge.

If you absolutely insist that no trip to New Orleans is complete without saying hello to me, drop by the lobby of the Hotel Monteleone 12:30-1pm on Friday, July 22. Max and I will both be there signing copies of our books and quite possibly enjoying a cool beverage from the Carousel Bar 40 feet away.

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