Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Potka, Part II

Straight wash is very, very strong, and very soporific.
The first time I tried some, I drank 2.5oz
and smoked a 0.3 of oil.
It took me 2 HOURS to get of my couch
and go to bed once my movie ended!!

~ genkisan

Think listening to stoners talk tries your patience? Try reading stoner recipes. They tend to wander off, lost in the intricacies of their own details.

As a follow up to Friday’s post in which I talked about moonshine and pot, I’ve learned more about the technical aspects of producing potka in the last three days than in the last decade. Leave it to Volodimir “Wal” Pavliuchuk to pick up the potka theme, though, and run with it in his typically scholarly way.

Pavliuchuk, whose book of cordial recipes I wrote about back in April, posted several links over on Yahoo Distillers concerning the blend of ethanol and marijuana. Even though legal marijuana is readily available where I live, it’s just not one of my vices. For those who are curious, however, Wal has aggregated links that give an overview on marijuana-infused liqour.

You’ve heard of limoncello, the lemon cordial from the Amalfi coast? What of marjiuancello? Zoomata reports that Manlio Chianchiano’s plans for marijuana macerated in alcohol in Naples were scrapped when police investigated reports of marijuana growing at his home.

Wal links to The Marijuana Foods Handbook and its guidelines for producing sinsemilla liqueurs and in using ascorbic acid as a clearing agent. There’s also the stonerforum recipe quoted above that goes into overly stoner detail.

From an actual distiller’s point of view, however, see Rev. David M. Cunningham’s notes.

As always, send me whiskey and bring me brandy. But potka? I’ll pass. I’m sleepy enough as it is.

Photo: ANSA.


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