Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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Not That Kind of Yeast

Tim Besecker hipped me to some brewing news yesterday. Read on at your own discretion. Besecker sent a link to Madeleine Davies’s report last week on that human vaginal yeast is inappropriate for brewing beer.

Oh? Really? I never would’ve guessed.

"Yeast,” Davies writes, everywhere, even (as we ladies well know) buried deep inside our vaginas, waiting to go bad and ruin our week at any moment. But does that mean that we could possibly brew beer using the cause of one of our more common south of the border infections? Is "turn a yeast infection into a full-bodied IPA" the new "make lemons into lemonade?" We did some research and, in a word, no. 
Davies explains why in her piece (below). I hope this means we can put a stop right this instant of anyone evening thinking about introducing inappropriate strains of yeast into our whiskeys.

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