Monday, August 22, 2011

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Hit in the Boing Loings

Someone got hit in the boing loings.
Hit in the boing loings.
Boing loings.
Boing loings.
Somebody got hit in them.

~ Ice King

After a burst of work earlier this month, I dropped from sight: my Twitter and Facebook accounts fell quiet and the blog showed nothing new at all. That sore throat I wrote about had turned into a raging upper respiratory infection that knocked me flat out for two weeks. I'm still, as the kids say, a bit stoopid.

I was just trying to show you how many weeks you had
I've missed my own birthday, rescheduled for sometime next month, and, with almost no appetite for either food or drink, I've lost about eight pounds (but, hey, there are worse things that could happen to a guy). Today I've started to catch up on emails. If you've tried to get in touch with me, I'm sorry for the delay in answering — there have been times this week I wasn't even sure what language I was using.

I watched movies and documentaries, read snatches of a few books, and absolutely fell for Adventure Time, a Cartoon Network show about the surreal adventures of a 12-year old boy named Finn and his flexible dog Jake. It has nothing to do with whiskey, moonshine, cocktails, or cured meats, but when I've felt so crappy, exhausted, befuddled, and weak these past two weeks, Adventure Time made me smile almost every day.

Three cheers to Pendleton Ward for creating such a fantastic show and making me forget, at least for a while, that I've often felt as if I'd truly been hit in the boing loings.

Peace out. 

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