Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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From the Archives: Pony Punch

Still managing clumsily with a mangled hand, so I decided to pull up a recipe from the archives I'd already transcribed. From an undated British drinks book (c. 1900), here's

Pony Punch

(not to be mistaken for a Donkey Punch)

Rub 4 lumps of sugar on the rind of a large lemon, and dissolve them in one and half gills of strong green tea, add the strained juice of three lemons, 8 oz. sugar dissolved in a gill of water, a bottle of Chablis, a gill each of rum and brandy, a wineglass full of arrack or sherry, and grated nutmeg and powdered cinnamon to taste. Mix well, strain, heat the punch over the fire (being careful that it does not boil) and serve at once.

~ Home-Made Beverages and American Drinks
M. E. Steedman (nd) The Food and Cookery Publishing Agency, London.


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