Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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How to Hit the Sauce

I've parked my carcass in the cool air of a neighborhood coffee shop, inhaling iced tea and licking my wounds. A work setback this morning has me regrouping, rethinking, and rejiggering a project. The project is not dead — far from it — it's just that what the marketing types call the competitive landscape has shifted. Proceed? Of course. How to proceed is what's under consideration.

A handful of things make this development better. One is that I'm damn good at what I do, so it's a comfort knowing this will turn out well. Another is How to, Batman!

Gabe Evans as Batman
You heard me.  How to, Batman! Like Batman, just bigger and full of useful instructions on everyday topics such as How to Dress for an Interview, How to Properly Hang a Picture, How to Feed Some Goats, How to Pet a Dog, and more. How to, Batman! is a video series featuring Gabe Evans, who dons a Batman outfit and mask and heroically tackles quotidian tasks and household chores. But most importantly, he does it all in Christian Bale's gruff and gravelly Batman voice.

While no drunk, it seems this Batman isn't shy of tossing back a drink (or seven). Three of my favorite videos are below: How to Make a Margarita, How to Drink an Energy Drink, and How to Take a Shot.

Thank you, Batman, for making me a little less grumpy and snarly today.


Gwydion Stone said...

I haven't even watched the videos yet, but you get 100 points for "quotidian."

Matthew Rowley said...

I was going to go with "mundane" but "quotidian" captured the non-heroic vibe so much better. But I'm not the spectacle here: Batman is. You should probably watch those videos, Gwydion.

Gwydion Stone said...

I'll never be the same. That's just wrong on so many levels.

Matthew Rowley said...

Bat Friend might just be my favorite unsung hero ever.

michael said...

Thanks, man...having a crappy day myself, but this made it a little brighter! I really want to believe that he downed 3/4 of that bottle in the span of 6 minutes and 27 seconds...a superhero indeed!!!

Matthew Rowley said...

Michael ~ I'll never look at Fighting Cock bourbon the same. Hope today is better. Just writing about How to Batman was the first step to me getting even-keeled again.