Thursday, March 28, 2013

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The One That Undoes You

From the back of the dust jacket:
Hassoldt Davis
As we slide into the weekend — for what is Thursday, if not the beginning of the weekend? — and begin planning the whiskeys, tequilas, beer, gins, amari, and the other drams and tipples that help us get our swerve on, we would all do well to bear in mind Hassoldt Davis' admonition from his 1958 handbook, Bonjour, Hangover! The thin little tome is a collection of maxims, aphorism, and personal observations on the painful mornings one endures after nights of intemperance.
Don't drink that last drink, 
the one-for-the-road, 
that nightcap. 
That's the one that undoes you.
Perfectly sound advice...with which I almost never agree after a night of drinking. "Irish whiskey," I'm bound to think around 2am, "is exactly what I need right now."

Invariably, that's the one that undoes me.

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