Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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Say My Name. You're the Freshmaker. You're Goddamned Right.

An indulgence in just plain silly today with only a tangential relation to eating.

I don't spend much time watching television and what I do watch tends either to be comic or dark. The Shield? Yes. The Walking Dead? Yes. Dexter? The writing is spotty, but yes. In that vein, AMC's Breaking Bad, which follows the tragedy of chemistry teacher-turned-methamphetamine-kingpin Walter White, is such a well-crafted series that we never miss an episode.

If you don't watch the show, this clip and the title above may just seem odd, but the mashup below of a recent episode of Breaking Bad and cheesy old Mentos candy commercials made me bust out smiling.

Goes well with:
  • The Mentos candy commercials were such cornball, feel-good, adversity-overcoming spots that they've spawned a load of parodies. Most are bad. Given my penchant for dark, moody, and tense films, the Linda Blair/Exorcist-Mentos mashup was also worth a smile or two. No more than that.
  • White, as played by Bryan Cranston, maintains an alter-ego in the series named Heisenberg. I'm calling it now. Because the online homages, parodies, animations, and sampling of the show's materials and references to Heisenberg have become so popular, we're going to see an awful lot of Heisenberg/Walter Whites for Halloween this year. Clever masqueraders, though, could do better by dressing as characters Hector (Ding. Ding. DingDingDing) Salamanca or half-faced Gustavo Fring. Just putting that out there.

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