Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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Rowley’s Gift Guide for Drinkers: Sazerac Glasses

Not long ago, a properly made Sazerac cocktail was something you'd find almost exclusively in New Orleans. Oh, they make 'em in San Francisco and—here and there—you could find one in New York. But the drink itself is an icon of the Crescent City, a cocktail anachronism from an earlier age. It's so identified with the city that it's now the official cocktail of New Orleans.

Visitors will find them at the Sazerac Bar in the bottom floor of the refurbished Roosevelt Hotel. If you can't make it to the bar or the Roosevelt's gift shop, but want a set of the right glasses in which to serve the drink, go online to the Tales of the Cocktail gift shop and order a set of four glasses. If you've got whiskey fans on your gift list, they'll thank you for this one. Shoot, you might just get this one for yourself.

New Orleans booster and cocktail wrangler Chuck Taggart calls this "an absolutely exquisite cocktail" and I concur. His notes on it are here. And, please, do as he says: use rye whiskey, not Bourbon.

$30 for a set of four. Order here.

See the gift guide as it grows here.


Anonymous said...

I was saddened that the glasses were not available at the Roosevelt gift shop, encouraging theft from the bar. Maybe they were just out.

Matthew Rowley said...

Yeah, I hear you. I combed through the gift shop at the hotel, too. No dice. Perhaps the Sazerac should take a cue from tiki bars and offer the drink two ways: (1) just the same as any other drink or (2) for a higher price with a souvenir glass to take home. Shoot, I'd buy it at the bar. Until then, we've got the folks at Tales with the supply.