Monday, September 22, 2008

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Lime n Shrubb

It's the day of the week when the odds for red beans and rice are most in the house's favor. It's not every Monday that I make red beans, nor do I raid the pantry for beans always on a Monday, but today the kitchen is filled with the smell of simmering sausage, tasso, peppers, onions, and a thick, gelatinous stock I made from a ham bone (the green ham itself endured an overnight marinade in pineapple and chipotle and was shredded for tacos and whatnot).

I had my hands full with dinner prep, so didn't build, shake, or stir any fancy cocktail, but the red beans put me in a creole state of mind, and Clement's creole shrubb, their 80-proof rum-based orange liqueur that I'd used in a blackberry daiquiri, caught my eye. Half a lime and ice were all I needed for a tasty nip—not a cocktail, but smoother and more tasty than many cocktails that've been put in front of me.

Lime n Shrubb

2 oz Clement Creole Shrubb
Juice of 1/2 Persian lime (about 1/2 oz)

Combine shrubb and lime in a rocks glass with 3-4 ice cubes and the lime shell. Give it a shake or a brief stir.

Ta da.


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