Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Distiller Wanted: Alaska

Occasionally, I'll post a note about distilleries looking for help. Bare Distillery in Alaska is on the hunt for a distiller. Now, I've got nothing to do with the business (don't even know the owners), but I simply like the idea of distilleries cropping up where they've never been before — or at least not for a very long time. If I can help that along, I will.

Kyle in Anchorage writes:
Bare Distillery Alaska, LLC in Anchorage is seeking a Lead Distiller to oversee daily operations of the manufacturing process at our facility, (distillery assistants will also be considered).

We have new equipment and a great facility, and need more hands to help it all come together.  Background in distillation, brewing, ttb compliance/record keeping, and spirit quality control are attributes we are looking for.

We are looking for individuals with pride in their work, and the ability to communicate our unique process to all that inquire.  We offer a competitive salary, and an oppurtunity to see Alaska and understand why we want to capture it's beauty in a bottle!

Email me with any questions and/or send a resume to

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Nathan said...

I guess that explains why Kyle never responded to any of my attempts to contact him about his product--he might not actually have one at the moment.

The only other (legal) distillery that I know of in the state is Alaska Distillery in Palmer, which produces the infamous smoked salmon vodka. Supposedly the rest of their line is pretty decent though.