Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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Behold the Pasbstmosa

I'm at a fancy bar in Louisville, Kentucky. For obvious reasons, I won't mention which one. Two seats down, the couple at the bar is having an earnest but subdued discussion. I missed the first part, but at its conclusion, I turned to face them.

“…bstmosa,” she was saying.

“Don’t order that,” he pleaded. “Not here.”

“I want one. I want a Pabstmosa.”

Wholly unable to continue my own conversation with the distiller to my left, I turn to face them. “Excuse me. Did you just order a Pasbstmosa?”

She had. No explanation was necessary. I got it immediately. Her meaning was apparent, but Deb Torres elaborates anyway. “Yeah, it’s Pabst and OJ, just like a mimosa. It’s great.” Deb's visiting from Arizona and explains that she learned the drink from her friend, Dawni Rotten. The man to my left orders one. What the hell, I order one as well. Pabstmosas for everyone.

Deb assures me that Pabstmosas are good any time of day. I’m glad to have ordered one. I’m glad for the subsequent conversations it sparked in which I learned about Arkansas martinis and Monkeywrench martinis (beers with an olive or a maraschino cherry, respectively). I was even glad to see the same bartender serving more later that night. But mostly? Mostly, I’m glad that’s the last Pabstmosa I’ll ever order.


12 oz Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
4 oz orange juice

Pour the beer into a large glass, and top with OJ. Normally, I call for freshly squeezed fruit juices in drinks, but in this case, I can’t see that it would matter.


frederic said...

We found beer to be a decent substitute for champagne in some cocktails -- it can match well in crispness, dryness, and carbonation:

Matthew Rowley said...

Ha! That's exactly the post I was thinking of. I even told people at the bar last night (word of the Pabstmosa had spread) about the Dutch 75. That's when I learned about the Arkansas and monkeywrench martinis.

Shawn said...

The drink "brass monkey" of Beastie Boys fame is a 40oz of malt liquor + OJ (drink approx 20% of the 40 and replace with either OJ or whatever orange flavored drink you can afford).

frederic said...

Of course you saw that post -- I just revisited the post and saw that you were the host for that MxMo...

The mixed drink forms were better uses of that Heineken Light (although the lime in the beer AirMail didn't work) than drinking that stuff straight.

Tammy said...

Pabstmosa? [insert pained look here] Speaking of cheap beverages transmogrified, an ex got me going on Tinto de Verano.

I'm so plain Jane when it comes to beer however: it needs to be decent (read: not PBR), it needs to remain unmodified. I came back from Prague last year loaded for bear. Or rather, loaded with beer.

Matthew Rowley said...

Yeah, not my beverage of choice. We had a huge crawfish boil yesterday with a keg of IPA from Stone Brewing here in California. It's much more my speed. I'm envious of your Prague trip. Until I can get there, I'll have to remain satisfied with the output from the 30 or so breweries in our county...

proffit said...

Great essay Matt