Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Meet Me in Kentucky: ADI's Whiskey & Moonshine Conference

For casual drinkers, Springtime means a switch from brown spirits to white. That means an uptick in vodka, light rums, gin…and—something new this year—moonshine. Or at least a slew of spirits meant to emulate and suggest unaged whiskey. And there are few better places to learn what the buzz is about than the annual meetings of the American Distilling Institute.

The ADI’s 7th annual meetings run May 3-5 in and around Louisville, Kentucky. The theme this year is Whiskey & Moonshine. I’ll be joining Chasing the White Dog author Max Watman, distiller Rick Wasmund, and Bill Owens, president of ADI, for a panel discussion on moonshine: what it is, what it’s not, where it’s coming from, why it’s back, and what its resurgence means for spirits producers and cocktail enthusiasts.

We might even agree on a few points.

The rest of the conference will include talks on building and licensing distilleries, fermentation, distilling, malting, blending, the effects of barrel aging, tax issues for craft distillers, marketing and selling of spirits, getting press coverage for your brands, and tasting.

Lots and lots of tasting.

The full registration info and schedule are here (click on the 2010 conference registration button on the left to download a PDF).


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