Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Making Your Own Spirits (Ixnae the Ausgemachthay)

As I prepare for Tales of the Cocktail—and juggle the day work—I’ve grown quiet on the blogging front, but wanted to give a heads up to those coming to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail that there’s been a name change: “Hausgemacht,” even though some distillers use the term to describe their homemade products, seemed just a little too esoteric, even for a somewhat secretive crowd. Besides, who needs German terms when we're dealing with the centuries-old craft of distilling America's primal spirit?

So it’s with great pleasure that Mike, Ian, and I will be presenting "Making Your Own Spirits: A Look into Artisan Nano-Distilling” at 2:30 Thursday July 17th at the Hotel Monteleone. WooHoo!

Michael Dietsch posted the last installment of his three-part interview with us here.

See you in New Orleans!

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Our sponsor for the panel session, Piedmont Distillers, has been featured in the news a fair bit. Check out some of the links for background;

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